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CCHS Patriots Fall "2" Sports Recap

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It was a short season with only a couple teams seeing action but there's still plenty to talk about! WIQH Sports Directors David Peppercorn and Jack Henry Eaton sit down with members of both the CCHS Volleyball Varsity Volleyball team (spoiler alert: they had the best possible season) and Varsity Football teams to review how things went.

Cue The Culture, Episode 8

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Celebrating March's Women's History Month, the Concord Carlisle High School Intersections Club discusses feminism and the club members' experiences with gender biases in their lives.

Cue The Culture, Episode 7

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The latest program from Concord Carlisle High School's Intersections Club takes a look at culture loss. When people and families immigrate to the United States--or any country, really--they integrate into a new culture. At the same time, over time, elements of their families' original culture fall by the wayside. But cultural legacy can also be altered--and even wiped away--by wars, natural disasters and more. What are the implications of that cultural loss?

"Cue The Culture" Episode 6

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Over the past few years, the term "codeswitching" has risen in popularity. As members of CCHS's Intersections Club define it in their latest episode of "Cue The Culture", codeswitching is the practice of people of color changing their vernacular as they move between different communities. Episode 6 looks at how codeswitching impacts individuals' identities and how it impacts students of color psychologically.

"Cue The Culture" Episode 5

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Intersections talks with CCHS teachers Ms.Guiney, Ms.McCaffrey-Clark and and Madame Smith, about different ways to be active in our community, personal encounters with privilege, and ensuring activism is inclusive.

"Cue The Culture" Episode 4

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On this edition, the Intersections hosts talk with Concord Carlisle High School Social Studies teachers about updating the school's Social Studies curriculum to broaden its representation of racial, gender and sexual identity. They also discuss ways to increase diversity in the CCHS staff.

"Cue The Culture" Episode 3

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Concord Carlisle High School Intersections Club's show features discussion with two CCHS English teachers about books the school uses in its curriculum. How does the school choose what literature to include in English classes? How diverse are the books? How biased are they? What options are there for modifying the reading list?

"Cue The Culture" Episode 2

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The Concord Carlisle High School Intersections Club returns with the second in a series of shows. This episode looks at cultural appropriation, colorism, cancel culture. The discussion is more global...not quite as focused on CCHS, Concord/Carlisle and Massachusetts as Episode 1 was.

"Cue The Culture" Episode 1

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A conversation with the Concord Carlisle High School Intersections Club on the importance of diversity at CCHS, racism in our community, and issues of systemic racism and racial injustice in the world. This is the innaugural episode of what has become a regular series of programs from the Intersections Club.