Special Events & Broadcasts

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Special Broadcasts

WIQH Alumni Guest Shows!

We broadcast a few before Christmas and had so much fun we're airing some more on Sunday, January 13...

Sophia Karr and Harry Humphreys from the original 'Jerusalem Twosome' on WIQH 2015-17
Sunday 3:00-4:00PM

Sophia and Harry graduated from WIQH/CCHS in 2017. They've come back to play some music and be a little out there...just as they were a couple years ago

'Captain' Carl Sweeney on WIQH 1971-74
Sunday 7:00-8:00PM

Carl is one of WIQH's original members (the station went on the air in 1971). More recently, he was Assistant Station Manager (one of the adult advisors) at 88.3FM from 2008-2015. His show this week features music from his graduating year, 1974.

Kevin Hopper, WIQH/CCHS '86, & Mark Hamilton, WIQH/CCHS '87
Sunday 8:00-9:00PM

Mark will explain at the beginning of the hour but during this show's production, the plan changed. You'll hear one of Kevin'a actual shows from 1985...saved for posterity on cassette tape. We cleaned up the music quality for most of the songs but Kevin featured a 'Local Band Song of the Week' which stays in all its cassettian glory.

And Previously On WIQH...

WIQH survived the elements and kicked off the holiday season at Concord's Annual Tree Lighting last Sunday (12/02/18):

On Saturday (12/01/18), WIQH was live from Flynn Cruiseport in Boston at the commissioning of the USS Hudner--

the Navy's newest Arleigh-Burke class destroyer, DDG-116, named after Captain Thomas Hudner, a late Concord resident who was the first Medal of Honor recipient of the Korean War. See photos below of the broadcast as well as a photo of WIQH's Shree Khanolkar live on Channel 4, WBZ!