Live Shows

Info about some of WIQH's live radio shows



WIQH's Local Music Hour

With WIQH Music Dept.

Saturday at 6:00PM

Listen to music from our ever expanding collection of local musicians. You'll hear songs created by Concord Carlisle High School students, from other artists in the Middlesex County area, and occasional tracks from musicians in the larger New England region.


Tickled Pink logo

Tickled Pink

With Delaney Remington

Monday at 6:00PM



Oppenheimer's Test Dummies

With Elliot T, Brandon J, Claire R

Tuesday at 3:00PM

A fun filled, explosive hour of bad comedic timing!


Scrambled Signals logo

Scrambled Signals

With Claire Roeser and Gabi Whidden

Wednesday at 5:00PM

Claire and Gabi talk favorite music genres, Concord's police-related happenings, and just about everything but the kitchen sink.


Lilly Caulfield

Lilly Caulfield's Radio Show

With Lilly Caulfield

Thursday at 3:00PM

Listen to a meticulously curated playlist of only the best music for a full hour